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Novara Top Chants Football Chants

From the Piemonte region of Italy, Novara was founded in 1908.

539 People Like Us Novara Never Gives Up Playlist
1520 Novara Are Here Novara Tier Playlist
2217 They Wanted to Win Novara Tier Playlist
7473 B*stard They Are Not Happy Playlist
8456 Everyone to Padova To Padova For The Promotion Playlist
8900 Come on Novara He Novara Tier Playlist
9151 Out of My Mind Novara Tier Playlist
15104 Those Not Jumping Choir Against Varese Playlist
16088 Jump with Us Gigi Fontana Choir For The Player Fontana Playlist
16782 Varese... Choir Against Varese Playlist
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18116 Stupid Poor Ref Playlist

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