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Brescia Calcio is the largest team in the Lombardy city of Brescia, where it was founded in 1911.

1434 Those Who Don't Jump A Choir Against Bergamo Playlist
1704 Brescia Is Our Passion Soulful Brescia Fanchant! Playlist
2400 The Lioness Brescia's North Tier Playlist
3097 Do Not Give Up Because Brescia's North Tier Playlist
3242 We Hate the Ref A Fanchant Against The Ref Playlist
3937 The Whole Tier Brescia's North Tier Playlist
6764 Shove the Flag Not The Nicest Chant Playlist
8639 Baresi This fanchant is against Baresi Playlist
9334 Come on Brescia Hey Brescia Sing Playlist
10031 Ole Budel Choir For The Midfielder Budel Playlist
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10176 Ale Brescia Top Brescia Football Song Playlist
10727 You Broke Our Balls Gutted Playlist
10872 We Hate Napoli We Hate Napoli Playlist
11741 Magic Brescia Brescia's North Tier Playlist
16240 Ole Brescia Brescia's North Tier Playlist
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