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The Sicilian club had various names before assuming its final form in 1987 and is currently the top-ranked football club from the island .The official team colours are pink and black, giving rise to the nickname Rosanero.

458 Always in My Heart Go Palermo Playlist
1032 Everyone with You Original football song of Palermo Playlist
1230 Palermo! Rosanera Tier Playlist
1924 We Hate Catania Choir Against Catania Playlist
2155 The Only Love Rosanera Tier Playlist
2192 Black/Pink Come On Go Palermo Playlist
2259 The Stadium Will Explode Stadio Renzo Barbera Curva Nord During Palermo's Promotion In Serie A. Playlist
3083 Dai Palermo Top Fanchant Of Palermo Playlist
3177 A Goal Nord tier Palermo Playlist
3296 This Shirt This Team Is A Faith Playlist
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3663 Go Palermo Palermo Champion Playlist
3862 The Real Sicily Choir Against Catania Playlist
5775 Reggina... A football song against Reggina! Playlist
6469 Those Who Don't Jump Are from Catania Choir Against Catania Playlist
11587 Catania... Choir Against Catania Playlist
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