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Juve is the third oldest of its kind in the country and has spent its entire history, with the exception of the 2006–07 season, in the top flight First Division.

2795 Magic Juve The magic of Juve is always all around its fans, that's why they will never leave the team alone Playlist
3561 North Section The North Section Chant Sung By Juve Supporters Playlist
3616 I Am a White/Black Ultra Classic Juve Ultras Chant, About Their Belongs, Fidelity And Support To Club Playlist
4686 Liberty Juve North Tier Playlist
4758 Who Doesn't Jump Let's Push This Rivalry Further, A Juve Supporter Will Never Be A Fiorentina's Friend Playlist
5758 Dwarf A Fanchant Against Miccoli Playlist
6324 Who Doesn't Sing When Juve Plays, Who Doesn't Sing Is A Torino Supporter Playlist
6347 Ole Diego Choir For The Ex-MidfielderDiego Playlist
6531 Come On Juve, We are invincible! Playlist
6810 Against the Rivals Juve's Supporters Singing Hard Against The Rivals Playlist
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7139 Fight and Never Stop Juve North Tier Playlist
7326 Palermo A Fanchant Against Palermo Playlist
7809 Win for the Ultras Juve, Italian Champion, Wins For The Ultras And The Inter Fans Can Do Nothing Playlist
9877 Sissoko Choir For The Ex-Midfielder Sissoko Playlist
11443 Giovinco A chant dedicated to Giovinco, who played for Juve in 2012-2013 Playlist
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