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Piacenza Top Chants (Page 3) Football Chants

Its predecessor Piacenza Calcio was formed in 1919 but declared bankrupt and the team disbanded on 19th June 2012.

15320 Oh Oh Curva Nord (North tier) fanchant Playlist
15391 Is Gervasoni Choir Against Gervasoni, Ex Player, Banned From Italian Football Because Of "Calcioscommesse": Players And Team Managers Rigged The Games Playlist
15435 Piacenza, Piacenza! Nice answering from Piacenza fans Playlist
15474 The City Piacenza Original Chant Of Piacenza Playlist
15499 Oh Classic Chant Of Piacenza Playlist
15536 We Have Been... North Tier Of Piacenza Playlist
15567 Cristiano Doni Choir For The Striker Doni Playlist
15594 Gianpietro Piovani Choir For The Ex Striker Gianpietro Piovani Playlist
15685 Bergo Bergo chant Playlist
15784 Come On Come On Piace Playlist
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15813 Italian League Choir Against The Figc Playlist
15828 We Want Eleven Lions NEW Classic Chant Of Piacenza Playlist
15847 Until the End Classic Chant Of Piacenza Playlist
15889 Freedom for the Ultras North Tier Of Piacenza Playlist
15921 Davide Chant For Davide Playlist
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