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Padova Top Chants (Page 3) Football Chants

Calcio Padova was founded in 1910. They are currently playing in Serie B, having last been in Serie A in 1996.

14263 What I Would Give Farmers Tier Of Padova Playlist
14287 They Had Seen Us Cheer Farmers Tier Of Padova Playlist
14289 The Tier Famous Italian Song Modified By The Ultras Playlist
14473 Coppola Fanchant for the Striker Coppola Playlist
14601 From Ascoli Fanchant Against Ascoli Playlist
14677 Gabriele Fanchant For Gabriele Playlist
19014 We Deserve the B The Supporters Are Not Happy Playlist
19739 Everyone to Bergamo Fanchants Against Bergamo Playlist

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