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Maroon and White football scarf

Torino Classic football songs

Torino, who play in claret (Italian: granata) shirts with white shorts, have won Serie A seven times, first in 1927–28 and most recently in 1975–76-they have also won the Coppa Italia five times.

5116 Hey, Hey Classic Fanchant Of Torino Playlist
9263 Come on the Clarets Come on La La Classic Fanchant Of Torino Playlist
11410 Wearing the Uniform Is a Lion Fanchant Against The Police Playlist
12200 Come on Boys! Get Up For The Lads! Playlist
17045 We Are Torino Maratona Tier Playlist
18439 Everybody to Modena A Fanchant Against Modena Playlist
19133 Eleven Lions Go Boys Playlist
19832 The Whole Kop Maratona Tier Playlist
20378 Come on the Bull Come On Classic Fanchant Of Torino Playlist

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