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Genoa Anthems football songs

Genova, founded in 1897, is the fourth most successful Italian club in terms of championships won.

392 We're Singing Genoa Come On Great Fanchant Of Genoa Playlist
1376 Ohh, Ohhhh Classic Fanchant Of Genoa Playlist
1579 One Goal Thats How It Sounds When Genova Needs A Goal Playlist
2995 Go Genoa Win for Us Genova, The Whole Stadium Is With You Playlist
4234 For the Serie A The Genoa Supporters Want The Serie A Playlist
5756 Wherever You Will Be Go Grifone Playlist
9872 This Is Our Tier For The Grifone Playlist
10627 We'll Never Leave You Genoa Tier Playlist
13388 We Are Genoa Nord Tier Playlist
13939 They Come... Choir of Genovese Dialect Playlist
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15654 Always Close to You Genoa Fans Singing Their Hearts Out Playlist
21019 Score Another Goal We Want Win Playlist
21571 Nord Tier For The Tier Playlist

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