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Padova Anthems football songs

Calcio Padova was founded in 1910. They are currently playing in Serie B, having last been in Serie A in 1996.

2233 Ill Never Leave You Great Fanchant Of Padova Playlist
2387 White and Red Come On Great Fanchant Of Padova Playlist
3244 Ooooooh! Padova! Playlist
3718 The Best Thing in Life You Are Everything T Me Playlist
4013 Everybody at Home Fanchant Against Vicenza Playlist
4421 A Love Song Always With You Playlist
5981 The Beginner Farmers Tier Of Padova Playlist
6052 Sweet Flagon Beautiful Union Of Three Different Choirs Playlist
6191 From the Heart Great Fanchant Of Padova Playlist
12339 White and Reds Chant by Fattori tier of Padova Playlist
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12571 An Emotion Violence From Padova Playlist
13089 Until the Death Always With You Playlist
13122 Go Calcio Padova Always With You Playlist

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